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Captivating and convincing – Our robot show excites

With our robot show, we not only offer a real eye-catcher, we also show how mechanics, electronics and our experiences create new worlds of movement.

Spectacular and on point

Three of our 6-axis industrial robots move in rhythm to the music. With their lightsabers, they interact perfectly with the video show in the background and complement each other with their fluid movements to an impressive unit. In doing this, they present themselves as versatile as HIWIN itself.

Finding the right and most efficient way for unique and flexible movements - that is our mission.

Be better today than yesterday

Together with our clients, we almost effortlessly develop solutions whose movements convince with passion, precision and skill. Your movement is our task!

Have you already experienced our robot show live? We regularly show our robot show at various trade fairs; the next time will be at the Motek in Stuttgart from 04.10 - 07.10.2022. Come and see us!